Charges - Students Clifton Road

Clifton Road Premises

For individuals taking up a tenancy from August 2016 the total cost of a tenancy per month is based on the following components.

Lease Element
This is a charge for the dedicated use of one bedroom by one person including shared use of all communal areas by that person. This component is hereinafter referred to as the “Lease Element”. This is a room dependent charge. Currently the Lease Element charge per calendar month for each room is set at:

Utility Charge Element
This is a charge towards the cost of fuel for heating, lighting, and cooking; telephone line rental costs; a broadband facility and a licence for the the TV in the common area sitting room. This component is hereinafter referred to as the “Utility Charge Element”.

Local Authority Taxes Element (Council Tax)
Registered students should pay no Council Tax and this property is unlikely ever to have an individual who is not Council tax exempt for other than a short period of time. Anyone who is not Council Tax exempt for any period will be expected to make payment of Council Tax due for that period. The property is Band F (currently £2,793.72 per annum) for Council Tax purposes. The property is free of Council tax if all tenants are fully registered and are full-time students. If however even one student does not satisfy local authority regulations regarding student registration at any time the property is subject to Council Tax.

Communal Cleaning Charge Element
There will be no additional charge for cleaning as long as the property is maintained properly by the tenants. If however the landlords feel that cleaning is not been undertaken satisfactorily a contract will be taken out with a commercial cleaning company to ensure the cleanliness of the flat. For example the charge levied for a monthly monthly clean of the common areas including the vestibule, hall, stairs, landings, bathroom, kitchens, and sitting room by a local cleaning company is approximately £75. This component which hereinafter is referred to as the “Communal Cleaning Charge Element” would require to be set at £15 per month per person. Even then this cleaning would only be intended to be supplementary to normal household cleaning carried out by tenants. As required, and at an extra cost, the professional cleaners may also be contracted to undertake cleaning of individuals rooms.

Bedroom Cleaning Charge Element
Tenants may also request to contract professional cleaners for their personal or private area of the property. This component is hereinafter referred to as the “Bedroom Cleaning Charge Element”. This service can be provided at an extra cost as requested by the tenant. At an extra cost it may also be possible to arrange a regular bed linen and clothing collection, cleaning and delivery service for tenants if required and if requested.

Bottom Line Cost - Rent
The overall cost of tenancy is thus the aggregate of several components costs as defined above.

Cost of Tenancy (call it "Rent" for simplicity) = Cost of Lease Element + Cost of Utility Charge Element + Cost of Council Tax Element + Communal Cleaning Charge Element

For fully registered full time students the all inclusive rental charge for each room is thus currently set to be:

Bedroom 1 £395
Bedroom 2 £395
Bedroom 3 £395
Bedroom 4 £-
Bedroom 5 £450

In addition to one months advance Rent, a sum equal to the monthly "Rent" is also required as a deposit prior to tenancy agreement for the property being signed. This means that fully registered full time students taking up a tenancy within the property will have to pay the following deposit in advance of taking up the tenancy.

Bedroom 1 £395
Bedroom 2 £395
Bedroom 3 £395
Bedroom 4 £-
Bedroom 5 £450

End of Tenancy Clean
An end of tenancy clean is carried on the room vacated. There is a minimum charge of £20 for this required service. It is stressed that this is supplementary to any cleaning done by the tenant on completion of the tenancy. If additional work is required by the professional cleaners to reinstate the room to the condition of the room as supplied an additional claim will be made.

Bedlinen including: sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases, pillow case protectors, pillows, a duvet, a bedcover and matching pillow are available and as required at an extra charge. The charges which will be applied at the end of the tenancy will be for the initial supply of the items and at the end of the tenancy for professional cleaning of the items.

£10 for duvet
£10 for each set of bedlinen (1 sheet, 1 duvet cover, 2 pillow cases).
£10 for one pair of pillows and two pillow protectors.
£10 for one bedcover and matching cushion.

Professional cleaning charge:
£25 for two sets of bedlinen.
£25 for duvet
£12 for bedcover and matching cushion.
£5 for pillows and pillow protectors.

Further Details
For further details see the supplied Indicative Tenancy Agreement.